Tony Robbins’ inspiration for success (Motivation Madness)

Motivation Madness

Tony Robbins

When people think of success and failures they think of these giant things. Failure is not an overnight experience and neither is success.

Anything you focus on on a consistent basis, you put 100% of yourself on it and try to improve daily on it… you will improve, you will get better. The problem is that most of us in life do not control the power of our mental focus. In fact most of us focus on the negative things, or find obstacles to focus on.

How come this always happens to me? If you keep focusing on this that what you will experience and manifest. Don’t you already know that by now?

Don’t focus on how to make a living but focus on how to design your life instead.

How do you become successful?

From two experiences. Either inspiration or desperation.

If you are dissatisfied with any area of your life right now, instead of getting frustrated, get excited!

Repetition is the mother of skill. Take massive action. Read and learn everything you can in the area you want to become an expert in.

There’s something you need to understand as well. We all have both a conscious and subconscious idea of what we think we deserve.

Success Sabotage

If your conscious and subconscious mindset are not aligned, wether it is relating to relationships, financial situation or anything else. .. you will begin to sabotage your own success.

I started not showing up for key meetings, I started treating people harshly who didn’t deserve to be treated harshly at all. I started eating like it was going out of style.

Motivation Madness
Tony Robbins talks about the successful

How did my life turn around? It wasn’t by more information or by more technology, although it made a difference. It happened because of a friend. I changed everything in my life, form my emotions to my finances. I used the “Ultimate success formula”, it involves.4 steps:

Step 1

You’ve got to know your outcome

The more clear you want in what you want, the more you empower your brain to come up with answers. Clarity is power. Get focused on what you want, be precisely clear. It will be your driving force behind your behavior.

Step 2

Take action

Don’t just wish and dream… DO!

Step 3

Develop sensory acuity to recognize the kinds of responses you’re getting. Are you getting closer to your outcome or further away from it?

Step 4

Develop flexibility to change your approach if you’r not getting closer to your outcome.

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