Rachel Koay – You need less than you think (TEDxKLWomen)

Do you have a dream?

At 27 years old, Rachel operates two businesses and manages to live life at her terms, traveling whenever she wants and keeps on pursuing her dreams.

Why are you not living them?

Why are you not traveling or doing that thing you want.
Well, sure it is costly to travel

Start your day dreaming

How do you want your life to be?
What are you oging to do, what action will you take to make this possible?

Write down your dream, get a clear picture of it. You want a big car, a big house? How big exactly? Make up your mind with the exact details. Write it or paint it and take the first step.

Start living it.

If you want the Ferrari, then go to the dealership and ask about the price. Get the feel for the things you want.

Don’t just plan for planning sakes.. plan and act.

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