Millennials motivation – Being a milennial

Millennials motivation

Understanding the drive of a millennial

The millennial generation, or “Generation Y” has been a current topic brought up in conversations all these years As technology keeps on advancing, as society keeps on changing, millennials have been witnessing first-hand all this amazing evolution that is happening.

Enjoy this amazing video created by Basquiat Picasso:

Let me begin with Yates and a few lines from the second day coming – Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold, mere, anarchy is loosed upon the world, and everywhere, the ceremony of innocence is drowned.

This is today the collective feeling of a group we call the millennials. This people in their late teens and early thirties, that’s the feeling, things fall apart, innocence is drowned, frustration reigns supreme, and all around the spectres of depression and suicide are not only threats they are realities being experienced at epidemic levels.

On TV:

The frontman from the band Linkin’ Park, Chester Bennington has died…

The six grader committed suicide last week, victim of cyber bullying…

Robbin Williams,  actor and comedian died of an apparent suicide…

This is what happens when great potential and overwhelming nurturing arrive at a scene only to discover this illusion. A trap, the inescapable dead end.

So many gadgets but no tools, a bunch of connections but no friends, a ton of progress but o growth, a lot of promise but no results.

It’s confusing and the feeling shows up as frustration, it plays out as anger, it borders on guilt, flushed with shame… and the whole bloody thing is wrapped up in a very real and taunting insecurity.

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Millennials are the people looking for evolutions to lead, they are the ones who came to break things, they are clever and selectively impatient. They swear no allegiance to the norms, to them tradition is convenient but not necessarily. Authority is suspect, and the only thing they only believe in is change.

Momentum and movement are their gospels. Ideas and possibilities are their prophets, and their holy grail is the pursuit of relevance.

Just on time isn’t good enough for millennials, they want it right now, all of it. All the love, all the glory, all the impact. They want it now, right now.

They don’t want easy but they want it now. They will work for it but they want it now.

So they are criticized for not being team players, and they reply, What team? We don’t recognize a team.

They are criticized for their lack of humility, and they reply, Be humble? For What? We don’t respect the same thing

They’re criticized because their rhetoric doesn’t match their experience, and they reply, So what?

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